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  General Introduction 关于我们

  We welcome you to the Canadian International School of Guangzhou (CIS). CIS is the first Alberta, Canadian accredited, Pre-K to Grade12, International School that’s monitored by both Canadian and Chinese governments in mainland China.


  Our K-12 Alberta Curriculum focuses on innovation, creativity and critical thinking skills. This approach to education will best prepare your child for the challenges and opportunities they will face as global citizens. Let CIS be part of your child's academic journey to success!


  Our Faculty 教师?#25163;?/strong>

  Our faculty is made up of a team of dedicated professionals that all hold Alberta Teaching Certificates.

  In addition, we have a full team of Educational Assistants to help your child to be successful. Our TESOL certified assistants are equipped to help our English Language Learners from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12.


  另外,我们还拥有一支完整的教育助理团队,帮助每个孩子取得成功。 我们的TESOL认证助教可以帮助从幼儿园到12年级的英语学习者。

  Alberta Curriculum 艾伯塔课程体系

  We offer a Kindergarten to Grade 12 education based on the Alberta, Canada curriculum. In 2015, CIS high school was the first Alberta School in China to achieve accreditation as an Alberta International School. In 2016, CIS became a fully accredited Alberta International School from Kindergarten to Grade 12 - the first in mainland China.


  The Alberta Advantage


  - Rigorous Curriculum 全球知名的专业课程体系

  A challenging, flexible and varied program of studies combined with provincial standardized exams prepares students for post secondary education


  -Focus on Innovation and Critical Thinking 专注于创新和批判性思维

  The Alberta curriculum emphasizes conceptual understanding and skill development that can be transferred across multiple domains.


  -Globally Recognized 全球认可

  The Alberta curriculum is internationally recognized as one of the best learning systems in the world. Students consistently place in the top tier of international rankings.


  -Comprehensive Education 均衡教育

  The Alberta curriculum emphasizes a broad liberal arts education with opportunities for excellence in the arts, athletics, leadership and community service.


  Alberta students consistently rank at the top on World Comparative Tests, and the Alberta High School Diploma is accepted by admissions officers of prestigious universities and post-secondary institutions throughout the world.



  All students from Pre-K to Grade 12 will work within the IDEA Lab, building on constructivism and design thinking embedded within their daily curriculum: coding, building, tinkering, using robotics and recycled materials to problem solve real life problems.

  Most importantly, they understand that through our mistakes and failed attempts to make something work, that is where the real learning takes place.



  Art Program 艺术项目

  CIS art program is continuously expanding. With our new CIS campus, the students are enriched by various art media and self-exploration. The elementary school students work on core fundamental building blocks such as colour theory, and shapes through painting and 3D sculptures. The high school students learn about art history and take on media experimentation.

  We have art all around our campus. Some of it is created by students and some is created by famous artists. Both are amazing and enrich our lives.



  Athletics 体育项目

  With over 16 different teams, there are many opportunities for students in Grades 2-12 to be involved in a competitive team. Representing CIS on a Grizzly sports team is about a lot more than just winning. It is about learning how to work as a team, learning how to persevere and learning how to be ambassador for our school, Guangzhou and China.


  Music Program 音乐项目

  CIS has a rich history of offering music classes and options from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. In Alberta, music is a mandatory part of the curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 6. During the school year our students have the opportunity to display their musical gifts at our Winter Festival, our Chinese New Year Celebration and our end of the year concert. In addition our students are able to choose extra-curricular activities and clubs to further pursue their interest in music.


  Graduates 毕业生

  Graduating from an Alberta accredited international school means receiving the Alberta High School Diploma that is internationally recognized, which will open doors to further their education and to pursue all their career aspirations. Our graduates are studying in top-ranking universities around the world.


  A caring learning environment that integrates sports, arts, academics and international culture. Cultivating students to be future leaders with empathy, innovation, and global awareness.


  Admission Requirements 入读要求

  CIS welcomes all national and international families to apply for admission. The requirements include:

  ? Foreign Residency Permit/passport

  ? Educational history

  ? Supporting identification documents

  Students will be interviewed and assessed to ensure that we are able to provide appropriate educational program support. Upon acceptance, you will receive an official letter plus an enrollment package which includes our Terms and Conditions, and Parent/Student Handbook. A 2,000RMB application fee is required by all new families.


  ? 居留许可 / 外国护照

  ? 就读学校经历

  ? 其他相关身份证明